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Every Story Can Have A Different Ending and So Can Yours!

Want a POWERFUL Example?

Do you have stress or anxiety around money?

Lets think of the emotions that surround the subject of money, when we don't have enough money;


We are

We are

We are

We are

We sometimes feel
completely stuck,
not knowing what to do

So How Can You Start To Change Your Story?

When our minds are calm and clear, we remove the fear and paralysis and we open ourselves up to inspiration, to money making ideas and in many cases to abundance literally showing up out of the blue.

So how on earth can tapping help?

Tapping is an action of tapping on acupressure points on the body, accompanied by powerful language.

When we tap on the acupressure points, we address our money fears out loud, we send relaxing signals to our brain and from a physiological level we actually calm down.

From the anxiety surrounding opening up that credit card bill, the overwhelm over financial paperwork, that knot in the stomach when thinking about paying the bills and the sleepless nights. Tapping works! It worked for me, and it can work for you too.

My Money Results!!

I have worked on this for a long time now on my own money worries and time and time again, I found that a combination of tapping on the emotions and the power of visualisation surrounding money worked, sometimes as if by magic.

From winning £20,000 on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire to winning a trip to Disney World , Florida earlier last year,

What Is Tapping Into Abundance Online Program?

So just to explain a bit more about my programme, this isn’t just a tap and get rich programme –it is about a shift in mindset, it also incorporates practical exercises such as the decluttering, and getting clear on your current financial situation, whilst incorporating subjects such as visualisation, gratitude and clearing money blocks, all of which we tap on.

Tapping Into Abundance Programme Content



Decluttering not just physical clutter but emotional clutter and old stories too. We need to make space for abundance to enter our lives, it is literally a case of out with the old and in with the new. Tapping to clear clutter. Bonus video – clutter and abundance – they are all linked.


Changing Your Money Stories

Getting deeper on the old money stories – what are the stories that spring to mind. Money is dirty? Money is the root of all evil? You have to work hard for your money? Money doesn’t grow on trees! I will ask you to write out all the money memories that come to mind and write out all the old limiting beliefs that come up for you. The sooner we can clear these away, the better. We will tap on money stories – replace your old beliefs with positive new mantras.


Let's Make Some Real Changes To Your Money Life!

Practical exercise, looking at your bank statements and credit card bills and taking a good look at your daily expenditure. I encourage you to open up your credit card statements – notice what is coming up for you, what feeling arises as you look at your statement, shame, guilt, fear, worry? Don't panic, there is a tapping video to help with the overwhelm of this task.

Part two is another practical step, setting new financial goals for yourself. This tapping video is about expanding the responsibilities of how money can come into your life and opening ourselves up to additional streams of income, and a practical worksheet for brainstorming money making ideas.


Bringing Abundance Into Your Daily Life

Looking for abundance in our lives. Identify all the areas in your life where you have abundance, this could be a loving relationship, your home, your friends, your health, access to nature, what you focus on expands. In this module we will be doing gratitude tapping. By focusing on appreciation and gratitude we are deliberately changing our vibration from one of lack to one of gratitude and receiving.


Learning How To Dream Big

Visualisation, this lies at the heart of changing your money story. We often find ourselves stuck in our own financial rut, when we continue to tell the story like it is e.g. "I am always broke", "I never have enough money at the end of the month" "I can't afford it". In this module I encourage you to dream big and to create a big vision for your new money story. The tapping in this module is all about finding the courage to plant the seeds of our new money story and Big Vision.


Resetting Your Money Mindset

Without realising it, many of us block our abundance levels, because at some deep level, we don't feel that we deserve abundance in our lives. In this module we will be tapping on clearing the blocks to receiving.


Maintaining An Abundant Life

In this module, we end the programme on a high positive note by tapping for an abundant life –and open ourselves to allow more money, love, health and miracles into our lives.

What Others Have Said About The Course!

Tapping Into Abundance Program

Your Total Investment: $497

Bonus 1 - Value $497

Facebook live broadcasts in a private Facebook group (twice a year) to support you and to assist with things that have come up and to do additional tapping live in the group. Also hotseat tapping with members of the programme, broadcast via splitscreen technology into the group (It could be you!)

This live coaching element will really keep you motivated and on track because you will have access to me via the group to support you during this time, and by working as part of an exclusive group, you will have built in accountability to maximise your chances of success and transformation.

Live Coaching Dates

8pm GMT
8pm GMT
8pm GMT
8pm GMT

Bonus 2 - Value $797

Lifetime access to the course material to allow you to continue studying in your own time (which is what I recommend you do).

The Facebook group will stay open, and you will have full access upon the next launch of the course (Autumn 2017)

Bonus - 3

Vision Board Course - Value $197 - I LOVE vision boards, I have manifested many things in my life through vision boards, and I have created a mini course to help you create your BEST vision board yet. This course also includes two tapping videos for you to tap with your board and help turn your vision board into reality.

Bonus - 4

Guided meditation for Wealth and Abundance

Bonus - 5

Tapping Affirmations for an Abundant Mindset

Total Value - $1,998

Benefits You May Achieve By The End Of This Program

  • You will be clearer on your financial status without anxiety
  • You will have removed the fear around your money situation
  • You will have greater clarity about your circumstances so that you can create a new money plan for your life and plant the money seeds of your new financial big vision
  • You will have taken steps forward to change your life for the better.

Course Curriculum